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Gemstone Egg
These Gemstone Eggs are delivered in lepis lazuli, tiger eye, rose quartz, rhononite and many more variants. They beautiful and colorful masterpieces that can elevate any interior’s aura.

Gemstone Healing Stick
Our Gemstone Healing Sticks are utilized to eliminate demonic powers within any environment, be it, living room or garden. They are composed of vertical designs in an attractive and mesmerizing layout.
Gemstone Lockets
The provided Gemstone Lockets are worn by the people to remove negative energy around them. They also help in restoring mind peace and facilitate love in the wearer’s life.
Gemstone Pendants
Our Gemstone Pendants are made in distinctive colors and designs that help the customers in restoring their health while expelling negative vibes around them. They are strong, beautiful and safe from water, chemicals and many more elements.
Gemstone Earring
Our Gemstone Earrings are the best option for beauty and healing purposes. These are tailored from hard crystals that are acknowledged for healing diseases, anger, anxiety as well as fear problems.
Gemstone Pyramids
These Gemstone Pyramids are used by Reiki healers because they have different energy abilities that are useful for different problems. They are accessible in the different dark and light colors with outstanding finish and polish.
Our Agates Chips look like glass marbles of different shades. These are considered as the best calming and meditative stones for various problems. While providing relief to the customers, they can additionally be used as decorative items in interior and exterior environments.
Our Agate Coasters Slicers promote good moods and embellish homes with their decorative themes and fashionable natures. These are ideal for small cups, wine bottles and many more items. They have fine grains and bright colors to decorate any area.
The provided Angels have excellent dimensions to be placed in different environments. These are utilized for numerology, vastu, feng shui, tarot, and many more healing purposes. They are composed of original stones.
Our Gemstone Balls are the best ornaments for homes and offices to expel negative energies and facilitate affirmative vibes in the spaces. These are carved from completely authentic crystals that lend them intricate and mesmerizing patterns throughout the structure.
These Bracelets are tailored with strong threads and quality stones that have significance in eliminating negative energies from the body. They are the best companion for people with illness and problems such as anger, depression and fear.
These Japmala Prayer beads are used by elders for citing prayers to bring prosperity and happiness in the family. The beads in these malas are effectively counted, which enunciates imperative meanings of life.
Our Agates Necklaces have small stone beads of contrasting colors. They are ideal can be worn on a daily basis. These are accessible in three color combinations such as light-dark green; brown-black; and purple-white.
The offered Markaba Stars are the ideal stones to help people, who like to adapt spiritual direction in life. By installing these masterpieces in the home area, the users get sound sleep, positive dreams and motivating aura.
These Rune Sets can be placed in glass tables, glass bowls and allied places. They are utilized amid meditation to help in acquiring a peaceful and conditioned mind. These will aid the wearers to discharge anger and fear while safeguarding them from recurring behaviors.
The delivered Worry Stones and Thumbs are ideal for those people, who suffer from depression, anxiety and insomnia. They come in different colors and shapes that soothes the mood and inculcate worthy feelings for a better leading life.
These Parads are statues that are made by using molten metal. For making such beautiful pieces, sand molds are prepared to pour the hot liquid metal. Once the mixture is dried, our works remove these arts and polish them for longevity.

Our Tatva Sets help the customers with metabolism and immune system. They also help in relieving headaches, swelling and burning pain. These are the best ornaments for people with insomnia, schizophrenia, digestion and hearing problems.
These Moizonaite Diamonds are artificially made for different ornaments such as earrings, necklaces, and masterpieces. They are cut from the crystal in distinctive shapes and sizes. These are polished with quality wax that lends them a shiny finish.

Our Geodes are naturally made from volcanic as well as sedimentary rocks. They are typically vaguely round and hollow rock, in which mineral masses are present and isolated. These come in different colors, thicknesses, and shapes.
The offered Clusters are composed of vesicles in sub-volcanic stones through minerals deposited through hydrothermal fluids. With prolonged periods, they can be created in any rocks’ cavity with beautiful crystals inside.
These Skulls are decorative items that are carved from clear- and colored-crystals. They are a smooth finish and perfectly resembles a skull. These can be placed on tables, racks and allied places to enhance the overall living spaces.
Our Massage Rollers have two ends on which stone carved rollers are integrated between hardwire strings. These are used in herbal salons for treating scars, acne, facial pain and restore the damaged skin cells.
These Gemstone Agate Trees have a wooden base on which a group of soft wires are attached. The wires have small agate crystals. These are known to bring prosperity and wealth in the family. The strings can be twisted to make distinctive tree designs, whenever needed.
When water is poured into our Gemstone Healing Bowl, it becomes a purifying agent for the soul and body. These are utilized for reiki healing, numerology, astronomy and allied purposes. They inculcate soothing, compassionate and calm energy within a space.
Agate is a naturally occurring crystal stone from which we have designed these Agate Bookends. A big slab is cut into two equal parts for holding books’ weight. They are parallel to each other in weight, design and shape. By placing these around the books’ end, they create a beautiful outlook on bookshelves and racks.

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